Why Naturally Goode Products?

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients that are in your skincare or haircare products?  The list is quite lengthy.  This was the question the dermatologist asked me when I brought my baby to her office with raised red rings on her skin diagnosed as eczema.  She encouraged me to research every ingredient on the labels of the products I was using which posed the #1 question - Do I really want to put these chemicals on my baby's skin?  The #2 question - Do I really want to expose my family to these chemicals?  From that day forward I have learned how to live more naturally formulating numerous products for my entire family.  Moving forward, Naturally Goode Products would like to offer them to you too!!

Naturally Goode Products has something for everyone.  We offer a fragrance free line of products for sensitive skin as well as a variety of products lightly scented with pure essential oils.  For those who prefer the natural ingredients with the stronger fragrances, we offer those as well.  I feel it is my responsibility to inform you that fragrances are synthetic.  They smell wonderful however they are not natural.   

Have you ever tried body butters?